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Pressure washing experts pressure washing a patio

Pressure Washing Services Kent

Kent' #1 Pressure washing, Hot Water Power washing & Exterior steam cleaning company

Pressure washing services in Kent

Professional Pressure Washing Services in Kent

Is your property looking a bit dull and uninviting? Are you tired of seeing unsightly stains and grime on your driveway, patio, or the exterior of your home or business premises? Then it’s time to revitalise your property with our pressure washing services. Not only can this powerful cleaning method restore surfaces to their original beauty, but it also helps improve safety and maintain the value of your property investment.

  • Professional pressure washing services provide tailored cleaning and protection solutions for both commercial and domestic customers.

  • Elite Jetting offers commercial and residential pressure washing services using specialised equipment to clean, enhance, protect, and minimise environmental impact.

  • Hiring a professional service provider provides expertise, specialised equipment, efficiency & cost savings.

Our Pressure Washing services primarily breakdown into 4 categories.  Each category also has various options to choose from to achieve best results and cater for your specific needs.

Pressure washing, Power washing, Steam cleaning, Soft washing summaries


Surfaces Pressure Washed

High Pressure Cleaning Using Cold Water

A comprehensive cleaning solution designed to tackle everyday dirt and grime. Our high-pressure cleaning method rejuvenates surfaces, making them look as good as new. It's perfect for regular maintenance, ensuring safety and aesthetics.

Jet Washing Service


For those stubborn stains and deep-seated dirt, our power washing service maybe the answer. Using hot water, this method penetrates deeper layers of dirt, ensuring a thorough clean. It's eco-friendly too, reducing the need for chemicals.

Power Washing Service


For delicate surfaces or when you want an eco-friendly deep clean, our steam pressure washing service is the ideal choice. The power of steam not only cleans but also sanitises, making it perfect for  patios, natural stone, children's play areas, and more.

Steam Cleaning Service


Surfaces Soft Washed

Low Pressure Cleaning Using Detergents / Chemicals

Soft washing is a gentle yet effective cleaning method, perfect for surfaces that might be damaged by high-pressure methods. Using eco-friendly detergents and low pressure, soft washing removes algae, mildew, and other organic stains without causing surfaces any harm.

Soft Washing

Exterior Cleaning Services

Block Paving Cleaning

  • Car Parks

  • Driveways

  • Pathways

  • Re-Sanding

Brick Cleaning

  • Buildings

  • Walls

  • Paving

  • Steam Cleaning

Commercial Jet Washing

  • Car parks

  • Buildings

  • Bin storage areas

  • Maintenance cleaning

Decking Cleaning

  • Softwood decking

  • Hardwood decking

  • Composite decking

  • Balustrades

Driveway Cleaning

  • Resin bound surfaces

  • Block paving

  • Concrete

  • Tarmac

Graffiti Removal

  • Buildings

  • Walls

  • Floors

  • Businesses & Landlords

Gutter Cleaning

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • 4 Storey gutter vacuum system

Patio Cleaning

  • Indian sandstone

  • Resin bound surfaces

  • Block paving

  • Natural stone

Patio Steam Cleaning

  • Super heated steam cleaning

  • Natural stone

  • Black spot removal

  • Algae, Lichen & Moss removal

Render Cleaning

  • K-Rend

  • Monochouche

  • Soft washing

  • Organic growth removal

Roof Cleaning

  • Jet wash

  • Power wash

  • Steam cleaning

  • Biocide treatments

Soft Washing

  • Buildings

  • Cladding

  • Brick, Stone, Render

  • Bio film removal

Stone Cleaning

  • Natural stone

  • Buildings

  • Monuments

  • Flooring

Steam Cleaning

  • Stonework

  • Brickwork

  • Driveways, Patios & Pathways

  • Chewing gum removal

Tennis Court Cleaning

  • Outdoor hard surface courts

  • Algae, Moss, Lichen removal

  • Biocidal treatments

  • Restoration preparation

Spcialist pressure washing equipment
Van mounted Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning Equipment

Van Mounted Pressure Washers
(Steam Cleaning Systems)

We achieve superb results every time and GUARANTEE our mobile van mounted equipment will produce a far superior clean than any, yes, any pressure washer readily available from DIY stores.  Surfaces are cleaned significantly quicker as well.

Our pressure washing equipment cuts through dirt & grime like a knife through butter and our large flat surface cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning large areas like block paved driveways or car parks, so we'll be out of your way in no time.

Looking for a Professional Pressure Wash? We offer many different exterior cleaning services ranging from Driveway cleaning, Patio cleaning, Decking cleaning & Render cleaning to cleaning Pathways, Walls & Roofs.  We take great pride in our work and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, always striving not only to meet our clients expectations but exceed them.

Our Services
Residetial pressure washing solutions
Natural stone patio before and after cleaning

Residential Pressure Washing Services

Elite Jetting's Residential Pressure Washing Services encompass a range of cleaning techniques, such as:

  • Pressure washing

  • Power washing

  • Steam cleaning

  • Soft washing

These techniques can be used on various surfaces, including brick, stone, driveways, block paving, and patios. Our residential pressure washing services help homeowners maintain a clean and inviting exterior, protecting your property investment and enhancing kerb appeal.

Professional pressure washing companies, like Elite Jetting, offer various cleaning services tailored to residential needs, including driveway and patio cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, and environmentally friendly practices that minimise environmental impact. We use specialised equipment and expert knowledge to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process, providing a fresh and revitalised appearance for your home.

Indian Sandstone Patio Before and After Steam Cleaning and Treating
Resin driveway before and after power washing
Natural stone before and after steam cleaning and treating
Block paved driveway before and after steam cleaning
Driveway & Patio cleaning
Patio after pressure washing

Driveway & Patio Cleaning Solutions

Revitalise your home's kerb appeal with Elite Jetting's expert driveway and patio cleaning services.

  • High-Pressure Cleaning: Say goodbye to everyday dirt and grime. Our high-pressure cleaning effectively tackles dirty patios and driveways, restoring their original beauty and ensuring safety and aesthetics.

  • Deep Cleaning with Hot Water Power Washing: Tackle stubborn stains and deep-seated dirt with our hot water power washing. This eco-friendly method penetrates deeper, offering a thorough clean without relying on harsh chemicals.

  • Gentle Yet Effective Steam Cleaning: Ideal for delicate surfaces, our steam cleaning service not only cleans but also sanitizes. It's perfect for natural stone, patios, and play areas, offering an environmentally friendly deep clean.

  • Soft Washing for Sensitive Surfaces: Our soft washing technique is gentle on surfaces that might be damaged by high-pressure methods. Using eco-friendly detergents, it effectively removes algae, mildew, and organic stains.

  • Biocide Treatments for Long-Lasting Cleanliness: Post-cleaning, we can apply biocide treatments to keep your driveway and patio looking pristine for longer.

Elite Jetting, go beyond standard cleaning, enhancing your outdoor areas and adding value to your home. Get your free quote today!

Indian Sandstone Patio before and after steam cleaning
Block paving before and after pressure washing Kent
Indian sandstone patio after steam cleaning
Block paving driveway cleaning Kent
Render Cleaning Services

Render Cleaning Services

The render on buildings is constantly exposed to environmental elements, leading to the accumulation of unsightly dirt, algae, and pollutants. This not only affects the aesthetic appeal but can also cause the render to deteriorate over time.


If left untreated, these contaminants can embed deeply into the render, causing irreversible damage and devaluing your property. Conventional cleaning methods might be too harsh, risking further damage to the delicate render surface.


Elite Jetting's Render Cleaning Service offers a comprehensive solution. Our 'render soft washing' technique uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents to gently but effectively lift dirt and organic growth, preserving the render's integrity.


For more stubborn stains, our 'render steam cleaning' employs high-temperature steam to penetrate and dissolve grime without the need for high pressure. This dual approach ensures a thorough clean while maintaining the render's condition, enhancing your property's kerb appeal and extending its lifespan. Get in touch today to get your render cleaned!

Render cleaning - Soft washing K Rend
K Rend before cleaning
K Rend after soft washing
Commercial Pressure Washing Services
Commercial pressure washing kent

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Elite Jetting's Commercial Pressure Washing Services cater to businesses and commercial properties, providing specialised cleaning solutions for:

  • Building facades

  • Cladding

  • Car parks

  • Walkways

  • Roofs

  • Brickwork

  • Stonework


Maintaining a clean and professional appearance is essential for any business, as it reflects the quality of your products or services and influences the overall impression of your brand.

By utilising our professional pressure washing services, businesses can ensure that their property remains clean, safe, and visually appealing, contributing to a positive customer experience and a lasting impression. With expert knowledge, specialised equipment, and efficient cleaning methods, our commercial pressure washing services can effectively maintain the appearance and functionality of your property.

Building Façade and Cladding Cleaning
Commercial Power Wash

Building Façade and Cladding Cleaning

The accumulation of dirt, grime, and organic growth on building exteriors, particularly on sensitive materials, can significantly detract from a property's appearance.

Neglecting these issues can lead to long-term damage, compromising the building's look and negatively impacting your business's reputation.

Elite Jetting's Building Façade and Cladding Cleaning services provide a tailored solution.


Our pressure washing tackles tough grime on sturdy surfaces, while our soft washing method gently cleanses delicate areas with eco-friendly solutions and minimal pressure.


This specialised approach ensures every part of your building's exterior is impeccably cleaned, safeguarding its beauty and structural integrity.


By choosing Elite Jetting, you're opting for a service that not only enhances your property's kerb appeal but also reflects the professionalism of your business.


Our commitment to excellence ensures your building's façade is not just clean, but a testament to the quality of your enterprise.

Car park and walkway cleaning

Car Park and Walkway Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and welcoming environment in business areas such as car parks and walkways is a constant challenge. These areas are magnets for dirt, oil spills, and debris, which can quickly lead to a tarnished image and hazardous conditions.

The accumulation of dirt and grime not only affects the visual appeal of your property but also poses a risk to customers and employees alike.


Traditional cleaning methods often fall short in effectively addressing these issues, leaving your business vulnerable to negative perceptions and safety concerns.

Elite Jetting steps in with professional pressure cleaning services designed for commercial properties. Our expertise in handling high-traffic areas ensures that your car parks and walkways are not just clean, but also safe and visually attractive.


Our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment and skilled team work diligently to rejuvenate your property, boosting its appeal and safety standards. Choose Elite Jetting for a spotless and secure business environment.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Commercial block paving with weeds in joints
Commercial block paving steam cleaning
Commercial car park block paving before and after pressure washing Kent
Section of commercial block paved car park cleaned
Commercial car park block paving after resanding
Industrial jet washing Kent

Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Industrial pressure washing services

Another Level

Our industrial pressure washing equipment is on a another level when compared to a general domestic pressure washer and is able to clean large areas far quicker and subsequently causes minimum disruption to your business. It removes organic matter & accumulated grime from hard exterior surfaces with ease and with it's steam cleaning capabilities (water temperatures can reach 150 degrees Celsius) it also helps to eradicate the use of harsh chemicals from the cleaning procedure.

We are fully insured and trained in health & safety and able to conduct and provide risk assessments to ensure health and safety requirements are adhered to.

industrial pressure washing services Kent
industrial pressure washing services
industrial pressure washing services
industrial pressure washing services
Patio Flagstones after pressure washing Cranbrook Kent

Why Pressure Washing is Essential for Every Property

Why pressure washing is essential for every property

In the bustling landscapes of our towns and cities, properties face the relentless onslaught of nature and human activity. Dirt, grime, moss, and pollutants gradually accumulate, often going unnoticed until the degradation becomes undeniable.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Services

​The following lists a few reasons why pressure washing is beneficial to homes and businesses a like.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: A clean exterior is visually pleasing. It speaks of care, attention, and pride. With Elite Jetting's pressure washing services, properties regain their original charm, standing out in their surroundings complimenting the landscape and makes an outdoor space more inviting.

  • Health Benefits: Moss, algae, and other contaminants aren't just unsightly; they can be health hazards. These elements can become breeding grounds for bacteria and allergens. Our pressure washing services eliminate these threats, ensuring a healthier environment for families and businesses, protecting yours and others health and safety by maintaining a clean and tidy environment.

  • Increasing Property Value: A well-maintained property fetches a higher market value. Potential buyers or clients often make judgments based on first impressions. A clean, well-presented exterior adds kerb appeal and can make all the difference. First impressions count!

  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular pressure washing acts as a preventative measure, reducing the risk of long-term damage from elements like mould, algae, and acidic pollutants. By choosing Elite Jetting, you're not just opting for a cleaning service; you're investing in the longevity of your property, maintaining your investment and preventing costly repairs.

Elite Jetting's commitment to excellence ensures that every pressure washing project we undertake is a testament to these benefits.

To find out more about our fantastic services & how we can help call us on 07979 083018

Elite Jetting testimonials

Elite Jetting Testimonials

Patio after pressure washing Kent

Daniel Veller

Elite Jetting were quick to respond and provide a quote. They cleaned our back patio which had been neglected for many years. Elite Jetting did a fantastic job and we are amazed by how much better everything looks. Worth every penny, very professional, polite and easy to talk to, highly recommend, we'll definitely be using Elite Jetting again in the future.

John Cheatle

Excellent job. Best drive clean I have ever had.

Thoroughly re commend Elite Jetting. Friendly professional and nothing too much trouble Thankyou.

Janet White

Elite Jetting cleaned our driveway and patio. Great service, great job, looks brand new, would highly recommend Elite Jetting and there power pressure washing service.

Anna Gordon

Just had Elite Jetting in to do our back patio and driveway, we are so impressed with the transformation!! Kris told me it would look like new but I didn’t believe him til I saw the results myself, looked brand new and the colour was amazing! We thought it was grey and it was actually blue and red! The thought the back patio was dark red and it was pink! Professional job from start to finish, polite and hard working and done with no stress to us, even with my 2 dogs about. Cleaned my windows and door at the end too, lovely touch. I would highly recommend Kris and Elite Jetting

Tanya Roberts

Highly recommended. Great service. So pleased with the decking, front drive and pathway. It looks so clean!!

Lyn De souza

Excellent service by Chris.  Was very pleased!

Scott Duggan

Would highly recommend this excellent service. I cannot speak highly enough about not only the professionalism but also the work carried out which was well above what I was expecting. My garden patio looks like it has only just been laid. They take their time to insure you receive the very best service available. A++

Dave Roffey

Fantastic difference now the block paving has been steam cleaned, treated and re sanded. Kris n co left everything clear and clean. Couldn't ask for more... many thanks.

Cassie Robinson

Great service, driveway, block paving and path look as they did when they were freshly laid. Perfect job and really reasonable pricing compared to other quotes I received.

Based on reviews left by our customers on our google business page

Why Choose Elite Jetting

Why Choose Elite Jetting?

Fully Insured Exterior Cleaners

Competitive Prices

Professional Service

High Standard

Friendly Reliable Service 

Guaranteed Results

100% Customer Satisfaction

Fully Trained

Eco-Friendly pressure washing practices

Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Practices

Our environmentally friendly pressure washing services are a testament to our dedication to preserving the planet. We employ innovative, detergent-free cleaning methods, ensuring each wash is not only effective but also environmentally responsible.


Our approach leverages the power of high-pressure Jet washing (a.k.a Pressure washing), Hot water power washing and Steam cleaning, using high-pressure water systems, designed to tackle the toughest dirt and grime without resorting to harsh chemicals. This method not only guarantees a thorough clean but also safeguards our natural surroundings.

Moreover, we are acutely aware of the importance of water conservation in today's world. Our services are meticulously crafted to be water-efficient, utilising the latest technologies, such as steam cleaners. This not only reduces our water usage but also minimises our overall environmental footprint.


By choosing Elite Jetting, you are opting for a service that cares deeply for both your property and the planet. We take immense pride in delivering top-tier cleaning results while contributing to a sustainable future. Trust Elite Jetting to rejuvenate your property with our environmentally responsible cleaning solutions, where every wash is a step towards a cleaner, greener earth.

Pressure Washing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure washing cost per m2?

The average cost of pressure washing ranges between £3 and £6.00 per square metre in the UK. Your contractor may price the job based on the size of the area needing to be pressure washed, or they may offer a fixed fee for items such as fences, boats, furniture, etc.

What is the difference between Power washing and Pressure washing?

The primary difference between pressure washing and power washing is the use of heat. Pressure washing uses cold water to clean outdoor surfaces while power washing utilises heated water to remove dirt, grime, and other debris.

What is Jet Washing?

Jet washing is an outdoor cleaning method used to remove stubborn dirt and grime from external surfaces and objects using pressurised water.

Is Pressure Washing the same as Jet Washing?

Pressure washing and Jet washing both jet high-pressure water onto surfaces to complete a given task such as driveway cleaning, patio cleaning or cleaning pathways, decking, natural stone, brickwork and many other surfaces.  They are commonly used to return surfaces back to their former glory by removing organic growth, grime, dirt, chewing gum and paint from surfaces.  Therefore, pressure washing is the same as jet washing, they both perform high pressure cleaning.

What can be cleaned with Jet Washing?

Jet washing can be used to clean a wide range of exterior surfaces and objects, including driveways, patios, pathways, decks, fencing, brickwork, stonework, paving slabs, garden furniture and is commonly used for car cleaning, bike cleaning and more.

How does Jet Washing work?

Jet washing works by using high pressurised water to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from surfaces to get the job done quicker & more efficiently than traditional methods such as using soapy water and a brush.

How often should I Jet Wash my outdoor surfaces?

The frequency of jet washing depends on the level of dirt and grime build up, but it is typically recommended to jet wash external surfaces at least once a year to keep outdoor spaces in tip top condition.

Is Jet Washing expensive?

The cost of jet washing varies depending on the size of the area to be cleaned and the complexity of the project.  It can be more cost-effective than other methods of outdoor cleaning, especially for large outdoor spaces.

Can I Jet Wash my own outdoor surfaces?

Yes, it is possible to jet wash your own outdoor surfaces if you have access to a jet washer and the necessary safety equipment.  It is also very important to ensure you use the correct nozzle to avoid causing any damage.  However, it is recommended to hire a professional jet washing service for larger or more complex projects. Read our article "DIY vs Professional pressure washing" where we discuss the pros and cons of both.

What is a Power Washer?

A power washer is a cleaning device that uses a powerful stream of high pressurised hot water to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from external hard surfaces and objects.  Providing the ability to set different water temperatures allows cleaning to be performed using less pressure which helps to prevent damage to more delicate surfaces such as natural stone.  Power washers can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, including cleaning driveways, patios, pathways, decking and other exterior surfaces.  Depending on the different water temperatures available they can also be used for paint removal.

Do Elite Jetting Provide Sealing Services?

While Elite Jetting specialises in high-quality jet wash cleaning services, we currently do not offer sealing services. Our expertise is focused on delivering exceptional pressure washing solutions to revitalise your property's appearance.

To find out more about our jet washing services or to get your free no obligation quote call us on

07979 083 018

Pressure washing services near me

Professional Pressure Washing Services Near Me

We are a pressure washing company located in Sheerness Kent, on the Isle of Sheppey in the South East of England.  Our local area is Swale covering Borden, Highsted, Faversham, Newnham, Teynham, Bapchild, Kemsley, Sittingbourne, Lower Halstow, Bobbing, Stockbury, Newington, Upchurch, Sheerness, Queenborough, Halfway, Minster, Eastchurch, Warden Bay & Leysdown.

Pressure Washing Services Kent

Our services are available throughout Kent including Ashford, Canterbury, Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Maidstone, MedwaySevenoaksSwaleThanetTonbridge, Tunbridge Wells.

Kent Weather

Failed to find the information you are looking for?  We provide a wide range of jet wash cleaning services for many different types of hard surfaces.  Whether you require a one off clean or cleaning on a regular basis, we can accommodate you.


Take a look around our website to see how we can help you with your residential or commercial cleaning requirements as our services are available to both commercial and domestic customers.  Alternatively, contact us via any of the methods below or make your way over to our contact page, and simply send us your details and tell us about your query by completing a short form or call us today and we will be happy to help.

We are pressure washing experts and offer an extensive range of cleaning services.  We only use the very best and latest equipment to achieve best results and use eco friendly products to clean outdoor areas to operate in an eco friendly, sustainable manner.

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