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Elite Jetting Removing Graffiti In Kent

Communities are plagued by the nuisance of unsightly graffiti up and down the country.  Buildings, walls, floors & bridges, its everywhere and if not removed can have a significant impact.


Businesses suffer because of graffiti as it doesn't create a very welcoming vibe to potential customers passing by and therefore sales are negatively affected.

Homeowners & Landlords also suffer from a detrimental impact as house prices are negatively affected due the presence of graffiti within the area as it doesn't create a great first impression to potential buyers.

The removal of graffiti restores surfaces defaced by vandalism and contributes to maintaining a clean, well presented environment.

We provide environmentally friendly chemical free Graffiti removal services.  The 3 methods of approach adopted for removing graffiti are:

  • Steam cleaning

  • Chemical intervention

  • Sandblasting

We rely upon steam to remove graffiti, a powerful, environmentally friendly, nontoxic, chemical free method of approach.  Although sandblasting is also an environmentally friendly method it is a more aggressive approach when compared to using steam.  Using steam also helps to protect the integrity of surfaces due to its more delicate approach.

To find out more in relation to the benefits of cleaning with steam click here.

So, if you need assistance with removing graffiti from your property get in touch to see how we can help.

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