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Poorly maintained decking not only has a negative impact on how an area looks but it can also become extremely dangerous especially when contaminants such as algae are present on the surface.

If left unaddressed surfaces become dangerously slippery when wet and possess the potential to cause a serious life changing injury as a slip and fall on this type of surface can be disastrous.  Such surfaces provide the same amount of stability underfoot as walking on ice and before you know it you've gone from vertical to horizontal in a flash.


Our decking cleaning service caters for these issues.  Taking advantage of our services provides a means to preventing an injury from occurring and rejuvenates your decked area bringing it back to life.

We can do more than just pressure wash your decking we can also apply Pre & Post treatments to significantly improve the final result and get your decked areas in tip top condition.  To learn more about our Pre & Post treatments click here.

We clean all types of decking including softwood, hardwood and composite types.  So get in touch to see how we can help.

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