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Elite Jetting is dedicated to providing high quality pressure washing services to the Kent area.  Take a look below to find out what we specialise in, and get in touch with any questions.  If you are looking for something not mentioned, contact us if you think we can help pressure wash your problem away.


Driveway Cleaning

Overtime nature gets its grip on a driveway making it look tired and dirty.  Surfaces become weathered, weeds rear their ugly head, moss grows, lichen and algae appear, concealing the hidden gem beneath.  Our driveway cleaning service caters for all these issues and restores your driveway in the process.  For block paved driveways we also re-sand with kiln dried sand after cleaning the driveway, refilling the gaps between the blocks to stabilise them and assist in preventing them from moving.

Driveway cleaning, Block paving cleaning, Block paved driveway, Block paving, Kiln dried sand

Patio Cleaning

Patio’s face similar issues as driveways with reference to weathering, weeds, moss, lichen and algae.  However, due to their intended purpose they’re designed for accommodating foot traffic and more delicate than a typical driveway.  Therefore, we adopt a different approach to cleaning patios and incorporate the use of hot water/steam for a less aggressive clean without sacrificing quality.

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Decking Cleaning

Poorly maintained decking not only has a negative impact on how an area looks but can also become extremely dangerous especially when algae is present.  Surfaces become dangerously slippery when wet possessing the potential to cause a serious injury from a slip and fall on this type of surface.  Our decking cleaning service caters for these issues, providing a means to preventing injury from occurring whilst also rejuvenating your decked area.

Decking Cleaning, Decking Pressure Washing, Decking Jet Washing

Car Park Cleaning

A clean car park promotes a clean image for a business which in turn potential customers find more welcoming and enticing.  It creates intrigue and encourages new customers to explore a businesses offerings and also encourages customers to return.


Our services are suited to both public and private car parks and assist in maintaining a clean environment.

Car park cleaning, Clean car park, Car parking, Parking Lot, Parking Bays, Tarmac, Asphalt

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Roofs are often neglected when it comes to property maintenance but possess the potential to cause significant structural damage leading to costly repairs.


The build-up of Microorganisms such as moss negatively affects the integrity of a roofing system.  Moss absorbs water and when it freezes causes tiles to crack and move them from their correct position allowing water to penetrate the first preventative barrier against rain.

Moss also causes havoc with gutters and drainage as poorly maintained roofs create congested gutters and cause blockages.  Contaminants such as moss affect the efficiency and effectiveness of a roofs ability to disperse water causing a domino effect which affects more than just the integrity of the roof.

Clean House, Roof cleaning, Clean Roof, Guttering Cleaning, Clean Guttering

Swimming Pool Cleaning

If you've drained your pool and it requires cleaning our services cater for your needs and are ideal for maintaining a clean swimming pool.

Swimming pool dive, Clean Water

Tennis Courts Cleaning

Elite Jetting offer tennis court cleaning services for hard surfaced tennis courts.

Ball on Tennis Court, Hard Surface

Combat COVID-19 Sanitisation

Using a combination of steam cleaning, detergent and disinfectant (depending on your circumstances and requirements) external surfaces are cleaned and sanitised in line with government recommended COVID-19 cleaning principles.

Elite Jetting's sanitisation services are not limited solely to COVID-19 and are therefore suitable to a wide range of purposes.

COVID-19, Coronavirus

Oil Stain Removal


If you have an ugly oil stain on your driveway, patio, or pathway and would like to have it removed get in touch.

Oil stain removal, Oil stain, Tarmac, Asphalt, Stained driveway, Stained car park, Oil leak

Graffiti Removal

The removal of graffiti restores surfaces defaced by vandalism and contributes to maintaining a clean, well presented environment.

Graffiti Removal, Pressure Washing, Jet Washing


We love a challenge and would welcome any enquiries regarding anything that is a bit out of the ordinary.  Our equipment deals with general pressure washing tasks with ease.  So, we especially welcome any task that would involve really putting our industrial grade equipment to test.


Fundamentally if our list of services does not cater for the problems you need addressing please do get in touch.

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