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Black spot on patio

Patio Black Spot Removal Service 

Professional Black Spot Removal Service in Kent

The presence of black spots on UK patios, especially on sandstone, can significantly reduce the attractiveness of your outdoor living space. These tenacious black marks are not just unsightly but can also inflict lasting damage to the patio surface.

Many homeowners attempt various DIY solutions to address these spots, only to discover that these methods are frequently ineffective. This not only leads to ongoing frustration but also risks additional damage to the patio's natural colour and texture.

Elite Jetting provides a proficient solution to this problem. We are equipped with specialised products and techniques that effectively eliminate these spots, restoring your patio to its original state of beauty.

Patio before and after removing black spots
Natural stone patio steps before and after steam cleaning and treating to remove black spots

When your patio's beauty is compromised by unsightly accumulations, selecting a professional patio black spot remover service is crucial. At Elite Jetting, we understand the nuisances of hideous black spots also known as Black Lichen. Our expertise in patio black spot removal ensures your outdoor space regains its charm. Don't let black spots blight your patio!


Whether it’s a severe black spot problem or a few spots here and there, we use spot removal techniques to restore your patio's aesthetics efficiently. Choosing the right remover can transform your patio, and our proficiency in all things related to patio care is at your service. Let Elite Jetting be your go-to for a spotless, inviting outdoor area.

Patio before and after black spot removal service
Patio before and after removing black spots
Superheated Steam
Patio steam cleaner removing patio black spot lichen and white spots

Patio Black Spot Removal with Superheated Steam

At Elite Jetting, we specialise in rejuvenating outdoor surfaces, primarily using superheated steam up to temperatures of 150°C along with market leading cleaning products from the restoration industry. This method is ideal for removing stubborn black spots and preserving the natural beauty of stone surfaces, highlighting our commitment to innovative and effective outdoor maintenance.

Transforming Surface Care with High-Temperature Solutions


Our techniques transcend conventional cleaning methods, employing a high-temperature steam solution adept at tackling black spots on outdoor surfaces. Reaching temperatures as high as 150°C, this technique is central to our offering, striking the ideal balance between comprehensive cleaning and careful handling, particularly for stone patios. It represents an advanced solution for those seeking superior care for their outdoor spaces.

Durable Results and Enhanced Protection


The gentle nature of our high-temperature technique not only provides an effective cleaning solution but also ensures enhanced protection for your patio surfaces. Unlike traditional jet washing techniques that rely on brute force, our method uses significantly less pressure and reduces the risk of damage to the stone. This lower pressure approach helps preserve the integrity of your patio, especially surfaces prone to damage under high pressure.

Find out more about our Patio Steam Cleaning Service.

Superheated Steam vs High-Pressure Cleaning

Get Your Free Quote Today

Ready to see the difference Elite Jetting can make to your patio? Don't let black spots diminish the beauty of your outdoor space. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and take the first step towards a spotless, revitalised patio.

Effective Techniques for Removing  Black Lichen from Various Surfaces

At Elite Jetting, our expert removal techniques ensure that your stone surfaces and garden patios such as those constructed of Indian Sandstone, are free from unsightly contaminants. When it comes to removing black marks, our removal service in Kent uses cleaning methods that are tough on black spot infestations but gentle on your patio. Our efficient solutions penetrate and lift the living fungus, leaving the underlying surface spotless.


Elite Jetting's expertise extends beyond powerful cleaning techniques; we tailor our approach to suit block paving, brick, or traditional stone surfaces. Our patio cleaning strategy is centered on protecting and preserving your patio's condition. Skilled in removing black stains from various patio types, we ensure your surface is restored to its prime. Depend on Elite Jetting for a detailed and conscientious restoration service.

Stone Cleaning Service

Indian sandstone patio before and after black spot removal
Indian sandstone patio slabs before and after black spot removal

The Ultimate Patio Cleaning Solution

When it comes to patio black spot removal, Elite Jetting stands out as a professional black spot remover company in Kent, renowned for executing an excellent job. Our unique approach to remove black spots ensures that we restore the natural colour and beauty of your patio.


Utilising advanced techniques such as steam cleaning or power washing, we guarantee a pristine cleaning experience. Power washing incorporates the use and hot water providing a deeper clean than traditional jet washing and cleaning with steam provides a low pressure, delicate, deeper clean than both.


Our service is designed to tackle severe infestations and revives the original hue of your patio's surface. Trust the professional team at Elite Jetting for a comprehensive cleaning solution tailored to achieve the best results.

Sandstone patio before and after cleaning
Natural stone patio and coping stones before and after cleaning

Elite Jetting: Where Professional Services Meet Outdoor Elegance

black spot lichen removal

Retaining your patio's pristine charm can often seem daunting, but with Elite Jetting's expertise in cleaning patios, particularly our professional black spot removal services, maintaining a spotless outdoor area becomes effortless.


Our cleaning expertise ensures every spot is effectively tackled, leaving your surfaces spotless and rejuvenated. We understand how black spots can mar your patio's beauty, which is why we utilise the very best techniques in removing these stubborn marks.


Choosing Elite Jetting's services means being assured of an effective and friendly service that addresses many different types of issues outside areas and surfaces are affected by and are able to transform your patio and restore its original colour and vibrancy.


Read our glowing reviews from Kent residents to see why we're the centre of excellence for black spot removal. Simply put, for the best patio cleaning experience, Elite Jetting's services are all you'll need.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do black spot removers work?


Yes, black spot removers are highly effective, particularly when utilised as part of a professional patio cleaning service. These removers are specifically formulated to target and eradicate the fungus causing the black spots. When applied correctly, they not only remove the existing spots but also help in preventing their recurrence, ensuring your patio maintains its clean appearance for a longer period.

What is the best black spot patio cleaner?


The best cleaners are ones that are specifically designed for the type of stone or material of your patio. Professional services like Elite Jetting use commercial-grade cleaners that are more potent and effective than typical over-the-counter products. These professional-grade cleaners are tailored to safely and effectively treat different surfaces, including sensitive materials like sandstone, without causing damage.


How long do black spot removers last?


The duration of the effectiveness of black spot remover depends on several factors, including the type of remover used, the material of the patio, the severity of the infestation, and environmental conditions. Generally, professional treatments offer more enduring results compared to DIY methods. To maintain the effectiveness, regular maintenance and possibly reapplication, as recommended by the professional service provider, are advisable.


How can you remove black spots?


Black spots can be effectively removed through a professional cleaning service. The process typically involves the application of a specialised black spot remover, followed by thorough cleaning techniques such as jet washing. This combination ensures that the black spots, along with the underlying fungus, are completely eradicated. For persistent or severe cases, multiple treatments may be necessary. Seeking professional assistance is advisable for the best results, as they have the expertise and the appropriate equipment to tackle the problem efficiently and safely.

Black Spot Removal Company Near Me

Areas We Serve

Our services are available to residential & commercial customers, landlords & property maintenance companies throughout the whole area of Kent including:

Ashford, Bexley, Canterbury, Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Maidstone, Medway, Sevenoaks, Swale, Thanet, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

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