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Clean block paved driveway after jet washing

Block Paving Cleaning Services

Professional Block Paving Cleaning Services in Kent

Results achieved from our block paving pressure washing services

Are you looking to improve the look of your block paving?

Block paving is an attractive and cost effective way to add a touch of class and sophistication to any space, but regular maintenance is required to keep it looking great.  Elite Jetting offer domestic and commercial block paving cleaning services for Car parks, Driveways, Patios & Pathways.

Ensuring your block paved areas are in tip top condition provides many benefits, including:

  • Adds kerb appeal to your property

  • Encourages more foot traffic for businesses and increases sales

  • Provides safe under footings

  • Prevents costly repairs

We are fully insured block paving cleaning specialists and offer FREE no obligation quotations so get in touch today to get your free quote.



Standard Clean

High Pressure Cleaning

Using Cold Water

  • Surfaces are jet washed using high pressurised water forced through jets to clean surfaces

  • Suitable for cleaning many external hard surfaces

  • Fast, efficient & effective method for cleaning exterior surfaces

  • Ideal for cleaning surfaces heavily soiled in dirt or grime

  • Very versatile method of cleaning

  • Sustainable method of cleaning


Deep Clean

High Pressure Cleaning

Using Hot Water

  • Surfaces are cleaned in a similar manner to jet washing but during the cleaning process we also utilise hot water

  • Provides a deeper clean

  • Surfaces can be cleaned using less pressure when incorporating hot water

  • Provides a hygienic clean

  • Aides in the cleaning process to provide a deeper clean

  • Offers similar benefits as to why hot water is used for cleaning vehicles


Xtreme Clean

Low Pressure Cleaning

Using Super Heated Steam

  • Surfaces are cleaned using significantly less pressure compared to Jet Washing & Power Washing

  • Ideal for cleaning surfaces that require sanitising

  • Doesn't rely on brute force to clean surfaces and helps to protect surfaces

  • Excellent cleaning solution where chemicals where chemicals can not be used

  • Provides the deepest environmentally friendly, chemical free clean

  • Perfect for natural stone


Low Pressure

Low Pressure Cleaning

Using Detergents / Chemicals

  • Surfaces are cleaned using significantly less pressure compared to Jet Washing, Power Washing & Steam cleaning

  • Cleaning is reliant on detergents and or chemicals to clean surfaces

  • Excellent solution for combating problematic contaminants such as algae

  • Can be used in tandem with Jet washing, Power washing & Steam cleaning to achieve better results

  • Large areas cleaned quickly

Pre & Post Treatments

block paving post treatment

Although block paving looks great after cleaning when using methods such as Jet Washing or Hot water Power washing.  They fail to remove and kill the spores invisible to the naked eye, embedded within the surface where organic growth was present.

Block paving is often plagued with organic contaminants such as Black and White Lichen, Moss and Algae growth and Black spot.  Such contaminants negatively affect how car parks, driveway, pathways & patios look but organic matter such as algae also creates slip hazards which has the potential to cause a life changing injury which is not good for you, your family, your visitors or business!  Good news - We offer treatments specifically designed to combat these types of organic growth.

Applying a pre-treatment and or a post-treatment increases the longevity of the clean as it will kill any spores that remain after cleaning and ensures your pavers look their absolute best.

Block Paving Re-Sanding

re-sanding block paving with kiln dried sand, re-sanded block pavers using kiln dried sand

After we finish cleaning your block pavers we highly recommend re-sanding the joints between the pavers with kiln dried sand.  This not only improves the final look of your block paving it's also important in relation to functionality purposes.

During the cleaning process dirt, moss, weeds & sand is removed from the joints.


The sand stabilises the pavers and prevents them from moving. Therefore, it is important to replace the sand between the joints to prevent costly paving repairs caused by the pavers moving.

Once the block paving is dry we can re-sand the joints for you by sweeping new kiln dried sand into the joints to finish the job.  It is important to wait until the block paving is completely dry otherwise the sand will clump together and fail to drop into the joints correctly. 

After Care Tips For Your Block Paving

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality block paving cleaning services in Kent that are second to none. But the beauty of your block paving doesn't end with our cleaning; it continues with proper aftercare. Here's a guide to help you maintain the elegance of your block paving after our professional cleaning:

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Sweep Regularly: Use a broom to sweep your driveway, patio, or pathway to prevent dirt accumulation. Removing leaves will help to prevent the return of organic growth.

  • Wash with Soapy Water: A simple wash with detergent or fungicidal wash will keep the surface clean and weed-free.

  • Use Fungicidal Wash: Specialized products like a fungicidal wash can prevent weeds and biological spores such as lichen and algae.


  • Paving Sealer: Consider applying a quality sealant to inhibit weed growth and facilitate easier cleaning.


Weed Control

  • Long-Lasting Weed killer: Consider applying a residual weed killer that provides a barrier against weeds for several months.


  • Long lasting Biocidal treatment:  Apply a residual biocide that will continue to provide protection from the recolonisation of surfaces bio films such as algae at bay and prevent from returning for several months.​

Why Choose Elite Jetting For Aftercare?

Our block paving cleaning services extend beyond mere cleaning. We offer treatments specifically designed to combat organic growth like Black and White Lichen, Moss, and Algae. Our pre-treatment and post-treatment options increase the longevity of the clean, ensuring your pavers look their absolute best for longer.

Your block paving is a valuable asset that enhances the appeal of your property. With Elite Jetting's professional cleaning and these simple aftercare tips, you can enjoy a beautiful and functional space for years to come. So if you seek professional block paving cleaners in Kent, contact Elite Jetting for a free quotation today!

Block Paving Before and After Cleaning

Block paving midway through cleaning
block paving driveway before and after cleaning, treating & re-sanding
Block paved driveway in sevenoaks before and after cleaning
Block paving driveway in sevenoaks after steam cleaning, treating & re-sanding
Block paving halfway through cleaning showing dirty block paving and clean block paving side by side
Block paving driveway midway through cleaning kent
Block paving before and after cleaning, treating & re-sanding Sittingbourne Kent
Block paving after steam cleaning, treating & re-sanding in sevenoaks kent
Results achieved from our block paving cleaning service to remove oil stains from block pavers kent
Block paving driveway before and after weeding, deep cleaning, treating & re-sanding kent
Block paving driveway before & after weeding, deep cleaning & re-filling joints with kiln dried sand
Results achieved from our block paving cleaning service in kent
Block paving cleaning pictures before and after cleaning & re-sanding in kent
Example Block paving cleaning before and after cleaning & re-sanding in Minster Isle of Sheppey Kent
Block paving before and after cleaning & re-sanding in minster isle of sheppey kent
Block paving before and after cleaning & re-sanding in kent

Block Paving Cleaners Near Me

If you are looking for a professional block paving cleaners in Kent, look no further. Elite Jetting specialise in cleaning all types of block paving areas. We are located in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey and provide our services throughout Kent


Our local area is Swale covering Borden, Highsted, Faversham, Newnham, Teynham, Bapchild, Kemsley, Sittingbourne, Lower Halstow, Bobbing, Stockbury, Newington, Upchurch, Sheerness, Queenborough, Halfway, Minster, Eastchurch, Warden Bay, Leysdown.

Our Block Paving cleaning solutions are available to both residential & commercial customers throughout Kent including:

If you would like a free no obligation quotation, get in touch today!


How much will it cost to clean my block paving driveway?

Driveway cleaning costs are influenced by several factors including the driveway cleaning company you choose, the condition of your driveway, patio or pathways & the services provided which determine the cost per sq metre.  Some companies charge more than others but remember the old saying pay cheap pay twice.  Some driveways are in better condition than others and therefore require additional services and attention to detail.  A driveway or patio that is maintained annually will require less work and require less cleaning products than block paving that has been neglected, in poor condition, suffering from weed growth and covered in organic growth such as moss, algae, lichen or black spot, as the block paving cleaning process will involve greater time, effort and use of specialist cleaning products and chemicals.  Our equipment is fuel powered and therefore the longer it's operating the more it costs.  Our equipment comprises of a pressure washer and an independent boiler which both require fuel.  Therefore, when both of them are in operation such as for a power wash or steam cleaning this has to be factored into the overall cost for car park cleaning, patio cleaning and driveway cleaning services.  Also specialist services such as steam cleaning will cost more than a standard jet wash as it is a specialist service which requires specialist equipment and knowledge.

Why should I hire professional block paving driveway cleaning contractors?

Professional standards come with a professional company and they will have the correct equipment, knowledge and experience in cleaning block paved driveways to get your pavers looking their best.  It is often more cost effective in terms of time, effort and money to hire a professional as they will complete cleaning surfaces such as Block paving, Imprinted concrete, Indian sandstone etc in a fraction of the time it would take the average DIYer to do with a domestic jet washer.  Due to their knowledge and expertise they are less likely to cause damage that a DIYer may cause if they are in possession of a powerful jet washer and don't know how to use it correctly.  Professional results require professional equipment but professional equipment isn't cheap and therefore you'll be financially better off by hiring a professional as apposed to purchasing similar equipment yourself.  Better results can also be expected.

If you want to have a go at block paving cleaning yourself, you may want to read our 6 different block paving cleaning methods, Pressure washing block paving guide and Pro pressure washing tips for beginners articles.

Does a pressure washer remove moss?

This all depends on the capabilities of the pressure washer and the amount of moss that is present.  Generally speaking a typical domestic pressure washer would not be the tool to choose to remove moss especially if there is a lot of moss in a very large area.  However, a powerful industrial pressure washer could be used but even this may struggle if there is a lot of moss present.  If this is the case its far more productive and cost effective to remove the moss using a shovel or stiff broom before attempting to approach a task such as cleaning block paving driveways with a pressure washer.  This also helps when disposing of the moss as it's far easier to dispose of dry moss compared to the sloppy wet debris that would remain after cleaning if a pressure washer was solely used.

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