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Expert Tennis Court Cleaning Services Kent

Ace your competition with a clean tennis court!

Professional Tennis Court Cleaning Services Kent

Require the assistance of a professional tennis court cleaning company?

If you're a tennis court owner or operator, you know how important it is to keep your court looking and performing at its best. Elite Jetting is here to help with our professional tennis court cleaning services. We specialize in providing top quality pressure washing solutions that remove dirt, grime, and other unwanted materials from your court, leaving it looking brand new.

Our cleaning services are designed to keep your court in top condition all year round. Whether you need a one time cleaning or ongoing maintenance, we can customize our services to meet your specific needs.

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Tennis Court Cleaning

Serve up a clean court with our tennis court cleaning solutions!

Our tennis court cleaning solutions remove dirt, stains, and other contaminants from your court's surface. We use specialized equipment that is gentle on your court but tough on dirt, leaving your court looking spotless.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Pressure washing - High pressure cleaning with a pressure washer using cold water

  • Power washing - High pressure cleaning with a power washer using hot water

  • Soft washing - Low pressure cleaning via the use of cleaning detergents and/or chemicals

  • Deep cleaning

  • Lichen, Black spot, Moss and Algae removal

  • Biocidal treatments - Eliminates organic growth and provides long term protection

  • Restoration preparation - Preparation for a new surface such as repainting or resurfacing

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Tennis Court Maintenance

Game, set, match – we'll help you maintain your tennis court for peak performance.

Tennis court owners and operators often struggle with keeping their courts in top condition, especially in high-traffic areas or courts surrounded by trees.

Are players slipping and sliding due to accumulated dirt and debris? Are you concerned about the safety of players on your court?

Elite Jetting offer comprehensive Tennis Court Maintenance Services to ensure that your court is always in great condition. We provide environmentally friendly cleaning solutions using advanced equipment and techniques to ensure courts remain safe and playable.

Ensure you or your members are always able to play their A-game with regular maintenance by preventing the build up of dirt & grime and preventing organic growth such as moss and algae colonising on sports surfaces.

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Tennis Court Cleaning Near Me

Looking for a professional Tennis Court cleaning company in Kent? We can help!  Our cleaning and maintenance solutions are available to residential & commercial customers including tennis clubs throughout Kent covering:

Get in touch for further information and get your free quote today!


What is the best way to clean a tennis court?

The type of tennis court surface, condition of the surface, type of contaminants present and desired outcomes dictate the best way to clean surfaces.  Well maintained surfaces may only require soft washing but a more aggressive approach such as pressure washing a.k.a jet washing may be necessary if the court is soiled with dirt, grime, moss and algae etc.  Depending on circumstances using both soft washing and pressure washing maybe the best approach for example, when organic growth is present, as a the cleaning solution applied via soft washing can incorporate biocidal properties which aides in eradicating any organic spores, invisible to the naked eye, embedded below the surface which pressure washing or power washing will not remove.

Is it safe to pressure wash a tennis court?

Yes!  A pressure washer is an excellent tool to use for cleaning tennis courts. Pressure washing is a safe method used to clean tennis courts when it's done by a professional who has experience and expertise in this area. At Elite Jetting, we use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that your tennis court is thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage.  However, it is worth noting that depending on the type of surface and the condition of the surface pressure washing may not be suitable.  For example a painted court suffering from poor maintenance and showing signs of degradation may not be suited to pressure washing as paint may be removed during the cleaning process.  That being said however, if the court is in such condition, pressure washing is an excellent solution to use for preparing surfaces for repainting.

How do you get rid of green algae in a tennis court?

Algae can be removed via soft washing surfaces which will provide instant results or via a biocidal treatment which will kill the algae and weather away over time.

Can you jet wash a tennis court?

Yes, jet washing (also known as pressure washing) is an effective method to use to clean and maintain tennis courts.  But due care and attention should be taken as is important not to use too much pressure, and it's equally important to use the correct nozzle and equipment.  The existing surface should be assessed for damage or signs of degradation before hand and if possible perform a test to establish if surfaces can withstand the pressures associated with jet washing.

How much does it cost to clean existing tennis courts?

The requirements involved in the tennis court cleaning process dictate the cost to clean a court surface.  Poorly maintained tennis courts will inevitably cost more than well maintained tennis courts.  If a court suffers from organic contamination and specific treatments are required to eliminate and provide long term protection this will impact the cost.

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