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Brickwork and York Stone after steam cleaning Cranbrook Kent

Brick Cleaning & Stone Cleaning Services Kent

Brick Cleaning & Stone Cleaning Service in Kent

Brick & Stone Cleaning

Our brick & stone cleaning services include various methods for cleaning brick & stonework to remove contaminants such as general dirt and grime or biological matter including moss, algae, lichen, black spot and weeds from your property.

Cleaning stonework or brick work can be approached in several different ways, including:

  • Pressure washing (Also known as Jet washing) - High pressure cleaning

  • Power washing - High pressure cleaning incorporating hot water

  • Steam cleaning - Low pressure cleaning (helps to avoid the use of chemicals which is one of the reasons why it is the chosen method for restoration of historic heritage buildings under conservation orders)

  • Soft washing - Low pressure cleaning reliant on cleaning detergents

You may be wondering what contaminants you require removing from your exterior hard surfaces and what is the best method to use?

Depending on your situation a single cleaning method may be all that's required.  However, better results maybe achieved by utilising more than one method e.g. using steam along with soft washing to return surfaces back to their former glory.

The benefits gained by using Steam cleaning along with Soft washing are that brick or stone cleaned with steam will be cleaned in a delicate manner and soft washing surfaces post cleaning ensures any remaining organic spores invisible to the eye are neutralised and killed off.

Identifying Contaminants

Moss on brick wall Kent

Brick Wall

Lichen on flagstones Cranbrook Kent

York Stone

Green Algae On Indian Sandstone Steps Sevenoaks Kent

Green Algae
Indian Sandstone

Black spots on block paving Kent

Black Spot
Block Paving

Steam cleaning is one of the most commonly used stone cleaning methods used to clean historic structures, such as stone buildings as exceptional results are achieved and done so without the use of chemicals.

Simply removing all the weeds from a property will make a significant difference to the look of a property as will removing any organic growth such as moss or lichen from a stone building. But where such organic matter is/was present soft washing pre and/or post cleaning not only improves the final results, but the length of time surfaces remain free from their return is increased.

Not all contaminants are organic for example, atmospheric pollutants caused by air pollution such as carbon deposits, are another type of contaminant which plagues buildings especially in towns and cities.  If this is the case an entirely different approach is required and often involves a process of conducting tests in order to establish the best method of approach and identify the correct stone cleaners to use if necessary.

Brick & Stone Surfaces

Brick & Stone Surfaces

There are many different types of natural stone found in the architecture of buildings and commonly used in the construction of patios, driveways, pathways and walls, some of which are listed in the following:

  • Indian Sandstone

  • York Stone

  • Marble

  • Portland Stone

  • Limestone

  • Purbeck

  • Granite

  • Travertine

  • Concrete

  • Brick & many other masonry products

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone differs from other man-made materials and requires a more delicate approach to cleaning.

Although natural stone is a very robust material, it isn't as tolerant to jet washing compared to other man-made materials commonly used in the construction of a building due to the damage high pressure cleaning can cause to the surface.

The cleaning process for cleaning a natural stone building requires the use of specialist, professional cleaning equipment for cleaning stone and should only be approached by professionals.

Professional Stone Cleaning Service

Proffesional Stone Cleaning Service

Elite Jetting provide professional stone cleaning services in both residential and commercial environments and cater for new and period properties.

Elite Jetting are stone cleaning experts, produce work to a very high standard and always aim to return any type of stone back to it's original state and achieve the very best results for an excellent job.  We provide a professional service that is superbly tailored to meet your needs, whether you require stone cleaning services on a large-scale project or on a monument that's suffering from many years of neglect or just the occasional maintenance treatment we can help.

We transform dirty stone into clean stone and apply a high level of attention to detail when getting any job done, so if you have stone on your building or property in need of some due care and attention, contact us today on 07979 083 018 or complete our short form to get in touch and arrange your free quotation or expert advice.

Stone Cleaning Before & After Photo's

Stone Cleaning Before & After Photo's
Indian Sandstone Patio before and after Power washing Maidstone Kent
Indian Sandstone Patio Slabs before and after Power washing Maidstone Kent
Indian Sandstone Patio stone floors before and after Power washing Maidstone Kent
Indian Sandstone Patio photo before and after cleaning Sevenoaks Kent
Indian Sandstone steam cleaned in Sevenoaks
Indian Sandstone Patio before and after cleaning Sevenoaks
Pathway brick pavers before and after cleaning photo Cranbrook
Pathway brick pavers before and after cleaning photo Cranbrook
Pathway brick pavers before and after cleaning photo Cranbrook
Before and after patio stone cleaning photo
Before and after stone cleaning photo
Before and after stone cleaning photo of old well

Brick And Stone Cleaning Company Near Me

Brick & Stone Cleaning Company Near Me

Are you looking for stone cleaning specialists to assist you with a stone cleaning project such as restoration works on a listed building or regular maintenance of a stone surface in Kent?

Our professional stone cleaning services are available throughout Kent including:

  • Ashford

  • Bexley

  • Canterbury

  • Dartford

  • Dover

  • Gravesham

  • Maidstone

  • Medway

  • Thanet

  • Tonbridge

  • Tunbridge Wells

  • Sevenoaks

  • Swale

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