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Roofs are often neglected when it comes to property maintenance but possess the potential to cause significant structural damage leading to costly repairs.


The build-up of organisms such as moss negatively affects the integrity of a roofing system.  Moss absorbs water and when it freezes causes tiles to crack and move them from their correct position allowing water to penetrate the first preventative barrier against rain.

Moss also causes havoc with gutters and drainage as poorly maintained roofs create congested gutters and cause blockages (find out more about gutter cleaning).  Contaminants such as moss affect the efficiency and effectiveness of a roofs ability to disperse water causing a domino effect which affects more than just the integrity of the roof.

We have several options available to cater for all types of issues concerning roofs.  There is a misconception that pressure washing a roof is ok.  Roofs should not be pressure washed as pressure washing roofs can cause significant damage to the roof that may not be apparent after first cleaning.  If instant results are desired, then steam cleaning is the way forward as cleaning is conducted with far less pressure and doesn't rely on brute force unlike standard pressure washing with cold water.  To find out more regarding the benefits of steam cleaning surfaces click here.