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Exterior Steam Cleaning

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There's Pressure washing and there's Power washing and then there's Steam cleaning.  There are so many more advantages when it comes to cleaning with steam.  Surfaces can be cleaned using significantly less pressure which helps to protect the integrity of the surface being cleaned.  Standard pressure washing relies on brute force to clean surfaces whereas cleaning surfaces with steam provides a far less aggressive approach to removing contaminants such as general dirt, moss, algae or lichen.

A common misconception is that cleaning with less pressure would have a negative effect on achieving best results but on the contrary;  Cleaning with steam produces far better-quality results and a far more vigorous clean.  An analogy for comparing pressure washing to power washing & power washing to steam cleaning could be:

  • Standard pressure washing with cold water is the equivalent to flying economy class.

  • Power washing is the equivalent to flying business class.

  • Steam cleaning is the equivalent to flying in a Private Jet.

Learn more about the differences between Standard pressure washing, Power washing & Steam cleaning.

The cleaning capabilities of steam also helps to negate the necessity to use chemicals in the cleaning process.  Therefore, embracing the power of steam provides the ultimate Environmentally friendly, Chemical free, Highest quality, Deepest clean with a gentle touch.


Steam is also renowned for its sanitisation attributes.  Our equipment also has the capabilities to sanitise surfaces in a natural environmentally friendly manner ideal for bin storage areas.