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Exterior steam cleaning Kent

Exterior Steam Cleaning Services Kent

Professional Steam Cleaning Services in Kent

There's Pressure washing and there's Power washing and then there's Steam cleaning.  There are so many more advantages when it comes to cleaning with steam.  Surfaces can be cleaned using significantly less pressure which helps to protect the integrity of the surface being cleaned.  Standard pressure washing a.k.a jet washing, relies on brute force to clean surfaces whereas cleaning surfaces with steam provides a far less aggressive approach to removing contaminants such as general dirt, moss, algae, lichen and blackspot.

A common misconception is that cleaning with less pressure would have a negative effect on achieving best results but on the contrary;  Cleaning with steam produces far better-quality results and a deeper clean.  An analogy for comparing pressure washing to power washing & power washing to steam cleaning could be:

  • Pressure washing with cold water is the equivalent to flying economy class.

  • Power washing is the equivalent to flying 1st class.

  • Steam cleaning is the equivalent to flying in a Private Jet.

Learn more about the differences between the 3 cleaning methods here.

The cleaning capabilities of steam also helps to negate the necessity to use chemicals in the cleaning process.  Therefore, embracing the power of steam provides the ultimate Environmentally friendly, Chemical free, Highest quality, Deepest clean with a gentle touch.​

What is Exterior Steam Cleaning?

It is a process that uses super heated hot water and low pressure to clean the exterior surfaces of buildings.  It works by boiling water to a super high temperature which creates steam and then pumping it through a very long hose and sprays out as a fine mist or fog that turns into droplets when it hits the surface being cleaned.

Exterior steam cleaners are a great way to get rid of dirt from hard surfaces on commercial buildings and residential properties such as natural stone, brick, concrete, block paving, roof tiles, cladding and helps to project surfaces from damage due to using low pressure e.g. mortar joints of brickwork (pointing).


The hot water/steam forces the grime away, without being abrasive like other types of cleaner because no chemicals are involved!

Brick steam cleaning service Kent

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning With Steam?

Conducting exterior cleaning with steam provides the following benefits:

  • Removes dirt, grime and stains.

  • Penetrates deep below the surface to lift out embedded dirt and grease.

  • Is much more effective than traditional power washing.

  • Removes mold, mildew, and algae.

  • Is a more sustainable way to clean.

  • Is considered an eco-friendly way to clean the exterior of homes and buildings.

  • Sanitises surfaces without the use of chemicals - ideal for areas where animals frequent.

It is typically used for completing the following exterior cleaning tasks:

  • Exterior building cleaning.

  • Pathway cleaning.

  • Exterior wall cleaning.

  • Soot removal.

  • Chewing gum removal.

  • Steam cleaning historical properties

  • Steam clean exterior building surfaces under conservation orders

Can You Steam Clean Stone Walls?

Yes and in the majority of circumstances it is the best method of approach due to the delicate nature of natural stone!  The use of steam can significantly reduce or even totally remove the need for chemicals when cleaning stone and brickwork.  When this technology is used on any external wall it's environmentally friendly because it eliminates dirt build-up without using chemicals that could damage your property over time.

Super Heated Steam Vs High Pressure Cleaning

Natural stone before steam cleaning_edit
Steam cleaning stone wall
Natural stone after steam cleaning
Exterior steam cleaning system

Steam Cleaning System

Our steam cleaner runs independently without the need of an electrical supply and is capable of reaching temperatures up to 150°C similar to the Doff steam cleaning system.

Our steam cleaner consists of:

  • A Burner (boiler) - For heating the water

  • Thermostatic control - To regulate the temperature

  • Pressure washer - Self sufficient fuel dependent and equipped with an unloader valve which allows us to manipulate the amount of pressure we wish to use depending on the task at hand.

Having the ability to regulate the temperature and manipulate the amount of water pressure used for a given task is extremely beneficial as it allows us to conduct cleaning in the most efficient and effective manner as possible.

Cleaning surfaces at the maximum temperature of 150 degrees Celsius using 100 bar pressure is far more time consuming than cleaning surfaces using more pressure, less heat and a greater flow rate.

In certain circumstances such as restoration works on historical brickwork or stonework it is essential to use high temperatures (150 degrees Celsius) with no more than 100 bar pressure (1450 psi); but in other circumstances it is more cost effective to clean surfaces using less heat but with greater pressure, such as when cleaning patio's or concrete facade's as larger areas can be cleaned in a quicker fashion which helps to keep the costs for cleaning lower in comparison to restoration works.

Will Steam Damage Paint?

Yes!  Painted surfaces can be easily damaged by steam. In fact, it is a method used to remove paint from painted surfaces and is used for removing graffiti.

Elite Jetting Exterior Steam Cleaning

Professional Exterior Cleaning Services

Elite Jetting are a reliable and professional exterior cleaning company who take pride in their work and are fully trained and fully insured.

We complete all our work to a very high standard and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services so you can be sure you are in safe hands to get the perfect job done.  Please use our enquiry form for a free consultation or complete a short form to receive your Free quote!

Find out more information about pressure washing or the various options we offer here - pressure washing services!

Our cleaning services are available throughout Kent including: Ashford, Bexley, Canterbury, Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Maidstone, Medway, Sevenoaks, Swale, Thanet, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

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