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A professional pressure washing service cleaning a driveway with a jet wash

Professional Pressure Washing Service

High Pressure Jet Washing Service

A well-maintained and clean property not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also increases its value and prevents potential damage. So, how can you effectively and efficiently maintain your property’s exterior? A pressure washing service is the answer!

  • Professional pressure washing services provide an economical, eco-friendly solution for cleaning exterior surfaces.

  • Pressure washing is a time saving and cost effective method with minimal labour required.

  • Choosing the right service provider involves researching experience, customer reviews & testimonials, and confirming appropriate equipment & techniques are used.

Continue reading to explore the various benefits of pressure washing and its suitability for different surfaces. We will also guide you in choosing the right pressure washing service provider and what to expect from the process.

So let’s go, dive in and discover how pressure washing can transform your property.

Professional pressure washer cleaning outdoor surfaces
Benefits of professional pressure washing services

Benefits Of Professional Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services offer numerous advantages, making them an excellent choice for maintaining your property. These services are known for being time-saving, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, catering for cleaning and maintaining various hard surfaces such as driveways, patios, and building exteriors.

What differentiates pressure washing from conventional cleaning techniques? We’ll examine each advantage more thoroughly.

Time Saving

One of the significant advantages of pressure washing is its ability to save time. Imagine spending hours scrubbing your driveway or patio with a brush, only to see minimal results. With pressure washing, you can quickly and effectively eliminate dirt, grime, and organic growth from hard surfaces in a fraction of the time. In fact, jet washing services can clean large surfaces efficiently, typically requiring just one hour for every 20 - 30 square metres.

Furthermore, semi-annual pressure washing, especially in the spring and autumn, can aid in preserving the look of your property. With the aid of a commercial pressure washer and outdoor biocide, even the most stubborn black lichen spots (a.k.a black spots) can be removed.


Pressure washing is not only efficient but also cost-effective. It offers the following benefits:

  • Requires fewer resources compared to traditional cleaning methods, making it an economical choice

  • All you need is a pressure washer, detergent & or chemicals, and a water source

  • Minimal labour required as the machine does most of the work

By investing in high-quality equipment and the right techniques, you can achieve impressive results without breaking the bank.


Pressure washing is an eco-friendly solution for cleaning your property’s exterior surfaces. A pressure wash consumes less water than other cleaning methods, making it an environmentally responsible choice for driveway cleaning. In fact, having your surfaces pressure washed can greatly improve their appearance and longevity.

In addition, eco-friendly pressure washing techniques involve using biodegradable chemicals and and avoiding harmful substances. This not only protects the environment but also ensures the safety of your gardens and surrounding areas.

By opting for companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, you can maintain your property’s appearance while reducing your environmental impact.

A driveway being pressure washed with a commercial pressure washer
​Types of Surfaces Suitable for Pressure Washing

Types of Surfaces Suitable for Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a versatile cleaning method that can be used on various surfaces. Some common surfaces suitable for pressure washing include driveways, patios, pathways, and building exteriors.

However, it is essential to exercise caution when using pressure washing on certain surfaces, such as windows, sidings, and specific tiles and bricks, due to the high water pressure.

We will further examine the variety of surfaces that can reap benefits from pressure washing.

Driveways and Car Parks

Driveways and car parks are often exposed to dirt, grime, and organic growth, which can cause damage and an unsightly appearance. Regular pressure washing can help maintain their aesthetics and prevent the need for repairs.

Elite Jetting, for example, offers jet wash cleaning services, including driveway and patio cleaning services that can effectively remove dirt and grime, leaving your property looking pristine. Opting for a professional pressure washing service guarantees thorough and safe cleaning of your driveway or car park.

Patios and Pathways

Patios are popular areas for outdoor relaxation and recreation, making their cleanliness and appearance essential. Pressure washing can effectively clean patios, pathways, and block paving, removing dirt, grime, and organic growth.

Moreover, pressure washing can provide the following benefits:

  • Eliminate stubborn stains and lichens that can be difficult to remove manually

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your patios and pathways

  • Enhance your property’s curb appeal

  • Enjoy a welcoming outdoor space.

Building Exteriors

A building’s exterior speaks volumes about its occupants and the property’s overall value. Pressure washing can significantly improve the appearance of building exteriors, removing dirt, grime, and debris while protecting the surfaces from potential damage.

By hiring a professional pressure washing contactor, you can ensure that your building’s exterior is cleaned efficiently and safely, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Example of a professional pressure washing companies standard of work
Choosing The Right Pressure Washing Company

Choosing The Right Pressure Washing Company

Selecting the right pressure washing company is crucial for achieving the best results. A reliable provider should have experience and examples of their work, positive customer reviews and testimonials, and use appropriate equipment and techniques.

We will further dissect these elements to assist you in making a knowledgeable choice.

Experience and Examples Of Work

When choosing a pressure washing service provider, it’s essential to consider their experience and examples of their work, such as photos of previous projects. A provider with a proven track record and a portfolio showcasing their expertise is more likely to deliver high-quality results.

By reviewing their past projects and the outcomes achieved, you can gauge their capabilities and determine if they are the right fit for your cleaning needs.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials play a significant role in assessing the quality of a pressure washing service provider. By reading feedback from previous clients, you can gain insights into the provider’s professionalism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Elite Jetting, for example, is a 5-star rated Pressure Washing Contractor on Google reviews, with customers praising our professionalism and high-quality service.

Equipment and Techniques

Lastly, it’s crucial to ensure that the provider uses appropriate equipment and techniques for the surfaces being cleaned, using high-quality pressure washing equipment, such as:

  • Professional grade pressure washers

  • Nozzles

  • Lances

  • Surface cleaners

These are essential for achieving the best results.

Additionally, the provider should employ effective cleaning techniques and use appropriate cleaning equipment, such as:

  • Proper surface preparation

  • Methodical cleaning approach

  • High-pressure water spray

  • Thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas

By choosing a provider that uses advanced equipment and techniques, you can rest assured that your property will be cleaned effectively and safely.

A pressure washing process with safety measures being taken
The Pressure Washing Process: What To Expect

The Pressure Washing Process: What To Expect

Armed with a deeper understanding of pressure washing benefits and how to select the most suitable service provider, we’ll now discuss the pressure washing process. Generally, the process involves:

  1. Consultation and assessment

  2. Preparation and safety measures

  3. Cleaning

  4. Post-cleaning inspection

Having an idea of what to expect facilitates a seamless and trouble-free experience.

Consultation and Assessment

The first step in the pressure washing process is a consultation and assessment. During this phase, the service provider will:

  • Inspect your property

  • Assess the cleaning needs

  • Suggest the most effective approach

  • Provide a cost estimate

  • Discuss the timeline

  • Explain the payment terms.

This stage allows you to communicate your specific requirements and concerns, ensuring that the provider fully understands your expectations and can tailor their services accordingly.

We can often provide an estimate with out the need to visit your property. Get your free estimate from Elite Jetting today!

Preparation and Safety Measures

Before the actual cleaning process begins, it’s essential to take necessary preparations and safety measures for domestic cleaning. The service provider will ensure that all doors, windows, and other openings are securely closed and sealed to prevent water from entering the interior of the building.

Additionally, any items or furniture that could be damaged by the pressure washing process, such as plants, outdoor furniture, and delicate surfaces, should be covered or moved. By taking these precautions, you can protect your property and surrounding areas from any potential damage during the cleaning process.

Cleaning and Post-Cleaning Inspection

Once the preparation and safety measures are in place, the pressure washing process can begin. The provider will use the following steps to effectively clean your property:

  1. Proper surface preparation

  2. Methodical cleaning approach

  3. High-pressure water spray

  4. Comprehensive cleaning of hard-to-reach areas

After the cleaning is complete, a post-cleaning inspection will be conducted to ensure that the surface is spotlessly clean and free of any debris. Any surfaces affected by the cleaning process will also get a thorough rinse down. If any issues are identified, the provider can address them by re-cleaning the affected area or utilizing additional cleaning techniques.

A pressure washer using correct pressure settings
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do pressure washers charge UK?

On average, pressure washers in the UK charge between £3 - £6.50 per square metre.

What services can we offer pressure washing?

We can provide pressure washing services for residential areas, such as driveways, roofs and gutters, pathways, sidings, decks and patios, fences, as well as commercial cleaning services such as, car park cleaning, chewing gum removal, construction clean-up, and graffiti removal to commercial customers.

What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

The main difference between pressure washing and power washing is the temperature of the water used. Pressure washing uses cold water, while power washing uses heated water for a deeper clean. Both techniques are used to remove dirt, grime, and other materials from outdoor surfaces.

How often should I pressure wash my property?

For optimal results, it is recommended to pressure wash your property twice a year in spring and autumn.

Can pressure washing damage my property's surfaces?

Using the incorrect pressure settings can cause damage to property surfaces, so it is important to adjust them accordingly. It is also important to evaluate the structural integrity of surfaces to ensure they can withstand the high pressure typically associated with pressure washing.

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